Doctor Tsunami Now Firmly in Beta Country!

Big bugs have been mostly rounded up, cornered and executed after intense questioning!  Any remaining bugs should not prevent the game being played all the way from start to finish!

Of course, we'll continue to improve and refine the game. Several additional features, like characters and even whole islands have been 'saved' for a large update in a near future!  

The game is available for free, with optional donations accepted, for a limited time during this initial period. It won't last long, so grab it quick and tell your friends!  Downloaded copies will remain free for those who get it now!

Worth noting also: This is a C.A.N.C.E.R.-FREE Game, that is: there are no Commercially Abusive Novelty Coin Exchange Routines (aka: monetization, or "freemium") inside. No intrusive DRMs either. 

This because we believe that Real Gamers deserve REAL games! Honest games!  Made by devs that are Players at Heart!  Like they made back in the day...

Anyways:  This is a one-time-ever chance to get the game for free (please donate, we're not too proud to beg) - Get it now and it's yours to keep, updates included!  

Then please help support us continuing development by posting (hopefully kind) reviews and telling your friends about it.  That way we can ensure continuous polishing and ever finer quality standards, and finally complete our full vision for the game with all it's intended depth and detail.

Thank you, and enjoy!


Will, aka: "Moach" - Programmer, Original Soundtrack Composer, Emergency Backup Designer, Fire Extinguisher, Dog Owner.

And a big thanks from the rest of the BoolDog Games team,  both of them.

PS:  Did I mention all the artwork in the game was made in PAINT?


Doctor_Tsunami_1.3.exe 111 MB
Apr 28, 2018

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